February 19, 2012

Do you want to be famous ? Send us your hockey pics so we can put them on Pinterest

The GetRealHockey link on Pinterest is growing every day. Pinterest will be a focus for the new GetRealHockey.com website.  Regular readers will know that we are working on a cutting edge website for the launch of our official blog. The launch is around the corner wand we are pumped !!!

You can check out the Pinterest link for GetRealHockey @

If you send us your hockey pictures we will put them on our new site and pin them throughout the internet.  We have very large following on our social networks and the exposure will create a real vibe if your photos are cutting edge. We will be setting up permanent photo pages for regular contributors.

If you want to be famous and you like to take pics now is the time to step up.  Send us pictures from NHL, EIHL, EPL, and KHL games.   

Please email all photos to getrealhockey@gmail.com

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