November 3, 2010

The Real Reason Tomas Plekanec is Getting Paid $5 Million Per Year

I bet you thought it was to score goals... Nope. It's apparently to take long shifts in the hopes of seeing an opposing odd-man rush develop and then skate back into the defensive zone to just get a stick on the shot in the hopes of earning high praise from some TSN commentator desperate to give the network's Canadian viewers something, ANYTHING, to cheer about in a God-awful effort against the Columbus Blue Jackets. And let me tell you: No one does it better. The good news, Habs fans? He's yours for the next six years!!! The bad news? Teammate Jeff Halpern plays about the same game, has just three-less points, and is earning $600,000. If only that difference in pay or some part of it could have gone towards keeping a certain goaltender this past off-season.

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