May 8, 2011

Bruins,Bolts,Canucks, and Sharks - Are you ready !!!!

The NHL season is pushing to an end and the pressure is mounting for marquee matchups.  Many teams in this year's race seem unwilling to lay it all out there.  The guilty parties in the "lack of effort" department are The Washington Capitals and the Philadelphia Flyers.  Both these "professional" hockey teams dropped the ball and came up as "super" losers by having their clocks cleaned in the last rounds.  My feeling is good riddance and let the real hockey begin.

The next round will have the Boston Bruins playing the Tampa Bay Lightning.  This will be a titanic battle of run and gun hockey against the best net minder in the NHL.  We like the balance on the Bruins side for a victory over the Bolts.   The Bruins beat a jacked up Montreal team and destroyed Philadelphia.  They are on a roll and the young snipers from Tampa won't be able to cope with the tight play by Beantown.
In the West, we are looking for a Vancouver vs San Jose series.  It seems that they don't like to make decisions out West though so it might be a few more days before we know what the status will be in the PST part of the planet.  We are calling on the big boys for the Canucks and Sharks to get this deal signed sealed and delivered.  For god's sake, this is the Stanley Cup.  Win with conviction and give your fans a show.  When the time comes and you meet a team from the East in the final, it won't be pretty !!!

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