June 12, 2011

Canucks Looking to Kick the Bruins to the Curb

This series is looking more and more like the Canucks versus Hawks series from earlier in the playoffs.  The Canucks were all over the Bruins at the start of this match up just like when they faced the Hawks. The backlash from the Bruins was almost a copy of the Hawks comeback against Vancouver.  Now the Canucks are looking to put the knife into Boston just like they finished off Chicago.
The "Cinderella" team this year is Vancouver and destiny wants them to lift the Cup in victory.  Luongo will have to go into Boston with his A Game and character players like Lapierre or Kesler are likely to come out as heroes in a hard fought game.  The Canucks are able to win when it counts and that is the sign of a champion.   Luongo has managed to show up and play large when it counts.  This should be the case on Monday.

The Canucks are good and lucky whereas the Bruins are good and brawny.  If Vancouver can turn away from provocation from the Bruins forwards when they are fore checking, the Canucks  will see their first Stanley Cup victory.
Boston is a great team but Vancouver is well balanced.  They are winning despite the nonexistent output from many of their stars.  We expect this trend to continue as the Canucks try to put the nail into Boston's coffin.  We expect a great game tomorrow and hockey skills and character will win the day.  The fire in the eyes of Torres, Lapierre, Burrows, and Kesler will devour the Bs.   Luongo will be crowned king by the Vancouver fans but every victory has been a true team effort by the 'Nucks.