January 10, 2012

GetRealHockey Gets Ready to Move in a New Direction

Open Letter To All GetRealHockey Readers

We had a great meeting with our computer programmer today.

They will be moving forward with a cutting edge design for GetRealHockey. 

As you know we intended to go with a sister site called GetRealNHLVip.  On advice of counsel we have decided to drop that because of NHL trademark concerns.  

However we will incorporate the VIP concept into GetRealHockey.com.   The target market will be super high end.  The market is for events and experiences featuring hockey stars past and present.

To that end we will be refining the content for the blog in order to brand our content and content providers.

Uniqueness will be key. If you know of someone who would be willing to blog (in the spotlight) , please let us know.  We will focus on four bloggers.

Also we will aim aggressively at a video option. 

We will be holding auditions to find someone who can run (humorous) segments like the one below. 

The obvious aim is to get a fan base for the site and hopefully some of the original material will go viral.

This will kick off with a video of our Get Real song. You can hear the GetReal song by clicking the link below

On a closing note, we wouldn't mind picking your brain in regards to potential unique NHL experiences .  As you know, we ran this story in regards to an alumni cruise with the Canucks.

We are looking for similar experiences.  Anything outside the box is welcomed.

Please email us @ getrealhockey@gmail.com.

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