September 24, 2011


The Jets, Sabres and banana throwing idiots have people talking.

We have been catching as many pre-season games as possible.  This year should get off to a heck of a bang with some big pre-season changes in the NHL being front and center.

The Jets are back in Winnipeg and the crowds have turned out in droves to watch their new hometown heroes. The fans in the Peg know hockey back to front and the Jets should thrive in a city which is steeped in hockey tradition.  The first pre season game @ the MTS Center was a blow out.  Not only did the Jets demolish the opposition; the fans made noise like it was the seventh game of the Stanley Cup finals.  It was nuts !!!  Things will only get better for the new Jets.  The team is young and the management is committed to getting a winner on the ice.  The guys have money and if they put it to use; there will be a Cup in Winnipeg very soon.

The ownership change with the Sabres will also show up on the ice.  Ryan Miller will not be alone and the Sabres' front office has told fans that the dollars will flow to bring a winner to Buffalo. Looks like the Bruins and Habs will have their hands full with Buffalo. The Sabres are a character driven team and if they can deliver on the talent side you could be looking at the "Bruins" of 2012.
On the downside of NHL hockey; some yokel thru a banana @ Wayne Simmonds from the Flyers @ an exhibition game in London.  That was a complete BS move.  When are some of the NHL faithful going to learn that colour has nothing to do with skill ? This is 2011 not 1911 or 1811.  Hockey fans are better than this and hopefully this incident will be the only such incident this year and forever going forward.  I know those are high expectations but the eternal optimist in me says that a banana throwing idiot is not hard to find and next time someone normal will turn him or her into security.  Work together guys !!! Hockey is a fun sport and it is no place for racists.