May 24, 2011


Monday night's clash between Tampa Bay and Boston was a perfect example of a good team getting lucky.  The Bruins triumphed 3-1 over the Lightning despite being outshot and out hustled.  The final score was deceptive, Boston was under fire all night but Thomas came up big as expected.
The Black and Gold have got tons of character and we think the next game will be the last for this series. These guys will not let the Bolts off the hook and Tampa could come unglued in the next game if Boston manages to get an early lead.  The young stars playing for the Lightning don't seem to want it bad enough right now.   Bergenheim is done and Stamkos and the other Bolt hotshots have yet to produce to the level expected. In order to beat Boston they are going to have to score a ton of goals against Thomas and that will be almost impossible.  Tim Thomas is a clutch player and he is going to want to play for a ring.   He can taste it !!!
Now a Bruins versus Canucks final seems a definite possibility. Vancouver has got the Sharks number and we don't see them letting up. Joe Thornton fell to Raffi Thomas late in the last Sharks encounter but he has stated that he will play in the matchup on Tuesday.  This will not be enough for the Sharks.  The Sedins and Salo have come alive and the hustle of Torres and Kesler will close the book on San Jose.

We know have a Luongo versus Thomas matchup staring us in the face, if things go as expected. The final is going to be a barn burner.  This is going to be sweet boys and girls, so stay tuned !!!

May 23, 2011


The Lightning have been firing on all cylinders during the current playoff round versus the Bruins.  Tampa Bay has a high flying group of sharpshooters which have proven to be somewhat of a problem for  Tim Thomas and the Bruins' blue liners.  Young forwards like Purcell and Bergenheim are consistently good and  Stamkos and Lecavelier are always a problem for opponents.   The Bruins have to come out tonight and keep the Bolts back peddling.  The B's are stronger and they have an in your face game that should put Tampa on their heels.  Once the Bruins lose control of the middle of the middle of the ice, it's game over.  

The obvious question here is how far can Tampa go on the back of a 41 year old goaltender.  Roloson  looks a little tired and more heroics could be hard to come by.  Tim Thomas is ten times the goalie that Roloson is on any night.  Thomas led the Bruins past the Habs and he was a big reason that the Flyers were sent packing with ease.  Bergeron, Chara, and Seguin will also have to play a decisive role if Boston is to take a lead tonight. This team is better rounded than Tampa and they will have to take it up a notch.  Our writers have been on top of Boston all year so we have high expectations.   
Boston is a beast when they are locked and loaded.  The question is, which Boston team will show up tonight ???

Vigneault, Higgins, Lapierre - Winning is becoming a HAB-it for Canucks !!!

The Canucks are aiming straight for the Cup and with their recent play, they are making believers out of the entire league.  The team which boasts superstars like Salo, Luongo and the Sedins; has a distinct Montreal taste to it.   Vancouver is a well balanced group which has the European flash with North American grit.  Kesler and Torres have been key components to the recent run but we tip our hat to Higgins and Lapierre as well.  These two recent acquisitions by the Canucks have the common thread of having played for the Montreal Canadiens.  

Playing for the Habs gave both players the tough skin to endure high pressure situations.  The playoffs are the ultimate pressure cooker for NHLers and Higgins and Lapierre have responded in a standout way for Vancouver.  When the Blackhawks were spooking the Canucks in the first round both these guys became leaders off and on the ice and gave them the edge to carry on.  Alain Vigneault ,who was the bench boss for the Habs at one time , obviously recognized the plus for playing for Montreal.  His acquisition of Lapierre and Higgins could prove to be the understated catalyst for a Canucks victory in the final for the Cup.  Nothing is guaranteed but we like the odds. 
Go Canucks !!!  Eat your heart out Montreal !!!    The Canucks have the winning Hab - it !!!

May 22, 2011


Last night was bound to be different.  Just like the "rest" of the world, anything was expected as the clock approached 6 PM.  For weeks the internet was buzzing with doomsday  predictions from the founder of  Luckily for everyone from New Zealand to Hawaii, the 6 PM deadline came and went and the biggest winner of the night turned out to be the entire planet.  When the clock struck 6 PM last night and the earth didn't open up and swallow up my couch, I got ready for a week of sports spectaculars. 
With "disaster" firmly us, Bernard Hopkins showed everyone that anything is possible.  He managed to battle to a new championship  by beating Jean Pascal in Montreal.  The victory was convincing and the crowd in Montreal seemed stunned when Hopkins was declared World Champion at the age of 46.  By becoming World Champion , Hopkins became a boxing legend "again" and he will be revered like of George Foreman who became World Champion at the age of 45.

The NHL playoffs are still at the top of the watch list for us, this week.  The Bruins and the Lightning are locked in a death match swinging back and forth.  We still like Boston to come out on top to eventually face the Canucks for the Cup.  Tim Thomas is the key for Boston and he is going to have to buckle under and shut down the run and gun Lightning offence.       
The Vancouver Canucks are back at it and managed to smash the Sharks back into their place on Sunday with an afternoon victory.  Niemi has been doing his best to imitate Brian Boucher all series long.  The goaltending for the Sharks has been sad and it is starting to affect the team as a whole. The firepower from the Sharks is in short supply and the Canucks seemed poised to make an appearance in the final.  Sami Salo and the Sedin twins are producing as expected and the Canucks freight train is firmly on track.  These guys are going to be tough to stop.  These guys are starting to look like a team of destiny.