February 20, 2012

Check out Grant Robinson and his take on the Red Wings, the Blackhawks, Nash , and much more

This week on Going Deep, Grant discusses all of the headlines in the NHL, and which players or teams have been hot and which have not. Including forwards Malkin, Giroux, Kovalchuk, Spezza, Stamkos, Pacioretty, and goalies Smith, Brodeur, Halak, etc.  After he makes his observations about the past 2 weeks in general around the NHL;

Grant focuses on 5 main topics.

1)      Detroit’s NHL record 23 consecutive home wins
2)      The Blackhawks 9 game losing streak
3)      The career of Mats Sundin & why he is a surefire HOF’er
4)      How underrated the STL Blues and both their goaltenders are.
5)      Why Rick Nash might be the most overrated superstar in the NHL

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Be sure to check back next week for the Trade Deadline special!

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The NHL season has been crazy good and Grant's podcast picks out the highs and lows of your favourite NHL teams and stars.

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