July 9, 2011


The  Bruins are champs, Luongo is a joke and the NHL season looms large for NHL diehards.  Last season was crazy !!!  I am going nuts listening to the NFL and NBA strike BS and I want the NHL's best back on the ice. The Hawks and Flyers'  final from the previous year set us up for a great season and the Bruins versus Canucks final had everyone glued to their seat till the last game of the year.
The summer holiday has been good to NHL fans.  Jets drama was finally resolved with the Thrashers moving north.  Winnipeg is going to compete and the fans in the coldest city in Canada are going to give the ex Thrashers the royal treatment.

We also went through the draft and free agency.  The realignment of sides has not been very dramatic if you leave out Philly.  The Broad Street Bullies looked desperate and got rid of some serious firepower on the front line.  This was the price to pay in order to get decent goaltending.  We remain unconvinced that European goaltending will be the answer for the Flyers.  Don Cherry would probably agree with us.  If goaltending remains a problem for Philadelphia; look for panic and seismic changes behind the bench and on the ice.
It was sad to see the Habs and Leafs so quiet this post season.  The fans in both cities are taken for granted by their home teams.  Something needs to change.  fans need to vote with their dollars.  Vancouver and Boston showed us last year that you have to spend dollars and make moves in order to win.