February 4, 2012

Bruins and Blackhawks Run into a Wall - Even the best stumble at times

This NHL has been full of surprises this year.  We have seen the Sabres and Habs implode.  We have also watched the Ducks and Capitals go from excellence to mediocrity. Parity is the name of the game in 2011-2012.  Good teams can become bad overnight and the bottom feeders can look like Cup contenders when they want to.

That trend continued recently with the implosion (or semi-implosion) of the Bruins and Blackhawks. Both these teams are built to win and their recent loses have the league humming.

The Bruins fell to the last place Carolina Hurricanes this week and got booed off the ice. This loss to the Penguins has only made issues worse.  

Expectations are high in Beantown.  The Bruins are expected to repeat and nothing else would be good enough for the fans of the Black and Gold. Between November and January, Boston looked unstoppable.

Chicago's issues are more serious than Boston's.  Their loss to Edmonton this week was epic.  Sam Gagner became the talk of league as he scored 4 and assisted on 4 as the Oilers destroyed the Hawks.

Chicago has some of the best forwards in the NHL and we should see a turnaround fast enough.

We think that Bruins and Hawks fans have nothing serious to worry about.  Any continued weakness for either the Bruins or Hawks will initiate quick actions by the GMs of those teams as the trade deadline approaches.  Both these teams are winners because they have been well managed and good management does not sit on their laurels.

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