February 4, 2012

The Nashville Predators Deserve the Respect of the NHL

As a team from a nontraditional hockey market the success of the Nashville Predators has been widely overlooked over the course of the franchise's history.  The Predators have never quite received the publicity or respect that the Chicago's, and Detroit's have.  However, with the recent string of strong play going 8-2 in their last 10 games the national media, and other teams around the league have begun to take notice. 

Recently when the Predators took on the Philadelphia Flyers the media began to acknowledge the strong play of the Predators calling the match up a game between two of the leagues elite.  Not a bad titling if you think back to the times that the media ripped the Predators apart.  There were times when everything was said from they don’t deserve to be in the playoffs, they’ll never win a playoff series, their style of play will never be effective in the NHL.  Well now it is the Predators who are getting the last laugh.  Barry Trotz has been a finalist for the Jack Adams trophy and looks to be in the running again this year.  Their scoring by committee style of play has landed them in 5th place in the conference at the moment and number three in the most recent NHL power rankings.

The Predators have always been and will continue to be overshadowed by the other teams in the Central Division.  However with realignment imminent even though the first attempt was squashed the Predators could be moved out of the Central division and into a weaker division allowing them to become an even more consistent league powerhouse.  So next time when you start to think about the elite teams in the NHL make sure you take time to consider what’s going on in Nashville because its something special this season.  And if you have not gotten a chance to watch the Predators play this year take some time and just watch a period or so if not a whole game.  You will be surprised by the boys from the south who still don’t get the respect they deserve. 

- Isaac Berky

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