December 11, 2011

The Chicago Blackhawks Have the Best Forwards in the NHL

"An abundance of riches" should be the motto of the Chicago Blackhawks.  While many teams scramble to find a franchise player;  Chicago has four of them patrolling upfront.   The United Center in downtown Chicago is home to some of the best fireworks in hockey as the Blackhawks forwards light the lamp at an unseen pace in the NHL.  So far; Marian Hossa, Patrick Kane, Patrick Sharp, and Jonathan Toews have amassed a combined 122 points and a plus/minus rating of +45.  If these guys are on the ice chances are Chicago has the puck.  They are scary good and fun to watch. The Hawks offense is on cruise control and it shows no sign of slowing down.  This solid performance upfront has given their fans reason to believe that another Stanley Cup could be around the corner.

The last Stanley Cup win for the Blackhawks was a surprise to everyone except the Hawks.  They drafted well and traded even better and amassed a group of players who had a sense of destiny.  Some key players left Chi-Town after the last win but for some reason; Hossa, Kane, Sharp, and Toews all agreed to stay in Chicago for the long haul.  Their dedication to the team is a testament to the quality of the organization. The team and their fans treat their Fab Four with respect and these superstars have responded accordingly.  Kane and Toews (the Hawks captain) are the flashiest of the group but Hossa and Sharp are equally skilled in any situation.  If these players get the same feeling of destiny that they did last time; a push deep into the playoffs could be a problem for the Bruins who are trying to repeat this year.  Their captain could be the best player in the NHL and if he has anything to say about it a repeat for the Bruins will be just a thought and not a reality.

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