December 4, 2011

Bruins Should be the New Spelling for Dynasty

The Bruins are on a tear of historic proportions.  The Stanley Cup champions have not lost in regulation time in the last 14 games.  The boys from Bean town crushed the Toronto Maple Leafs on Saturday which showed the entire NHL that they are intent on repeating as league champions.  The complete turnaround from the disastrous start to the 2011-2012 campaign is complete for Boston.  Claude Julien's squad is firing on all cylinders.  The offense is scary good and Tim Thomas is playing like he is  in the post season.  To every teams chagrin, Boston's back up netminder (Tuukka Rask) is playing as well as Thomas.

The effort on scoring has made all the difference for the Bruins in November's run.  Goals are flying past the opposition at an amazing rate and the Bruins team dominates the league leaders in plus/minus.  Tyler Seguin is the king of plus/minus in the NHL and he is proving to be the number one hope for a Bruins powerhouse going forward 5-10 years.   There is a real winning psychology in Boston.  The Red Sox and Patriots led the way for years and now it looks like the Bruins are ready to the mantle from those two great sports franchises.  Boston is fast becoming the center of the hockey world and the real reason for the resounding success is that everyone on the Bruins plays for the guy next to him.  These guys are the epitome of team play and other NHL squads should be paying attention.

There is no guarantee that Boston will keep up this pace for the rest of the season but we are sure they will rise to the occasion come playoff time and send opponents packing.  The Bruins look great for the Cup this year and many years to come.  These guys could gel as one of the best NHL teams since the glory days of the Detroit red Wings.  Detroit was a great team but these guys could become better.  Time will tell but we like the odds.

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