November 20, 2011


Original six hockey is alive and well.  On Saturday night, the Bruins and the Habs massacred their opponents and left no doubt that they are back in fighting form.

The Bruins which had struggled into the end of October have been on a tear of late.  Their offense is firing on all cylinders and goaltending has been key in the last month.  On Saturday night they blew past the New York Islanders by a score of 6-0.  The game was embarrassing for the Islanders who were playing in front of their home crowd. The Bruins had big games from Bergeron and Horton and looked unstoppable in their eight straight win.  The Bs are back and the NHL has been warned.  The move into mid season should be very interesting here as Boston shows signs of competing for the Cup.  A back to back champion would be good for the league.  It is about time we see another hockey dynasty.  It has been way to long !!!

The Montreal Canadiens also won an easy one on Saturday night.  Led by Carey Price; the Habs picked up a victory against the New York Rangers by a score of 4-0.  The Habs have been inconsistent so far this season but they sure have looked good in the last two games. The funny thing here is that the Habs handled the Rangers with three rookie defensemen in the line up.  This is a great sign for the team as the youngsters have had to learn on the fly.  The pressure of playing in Montreal can choke the best of veterans so we are encouraged by the fact that the Habs seem to be working their way out of this funk.  We like the team going forward and we think that they will only get better if Gill and Markov can find their way back on to the squad.

These two clubs meet on Monday night.  The game will be a classic clash.  If Montreal can knock off the Bruins; they will signal that the turnaround is complete.  The Bruins will be hard pressed to add to their streak. Either way you play it; it will be Original Six Hockey at its best.

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