November 20, 2011


The Washington Capitals fell to the Toronto Maple Leafs last night by a stunning score of 7-1.  The Maple Leafs have been decimated with key injuries and yet the Capitals failed to take advantage.  It is fair to say that Washington was  MIA as a group when they were pounded by Toronto's snipers .  This latest loss should give Bruce Boudreau reason enough to revisit his game plan and coaching style if he does not want to lose his team this early in the season.   There is something simmering under the surface in Washington.  This kind of blowout is a sign of a problem for such a talented group as the Capitals.

We had the DC boys earmarked as Stanley Cup champs but the latest turmoil in Washington has us scratching our heads. The team seems to go through prolonged slumps when the media pressure builds because expectations are not being met. 

Washington has shown their inability to deal with pressure with their performance in the last two playoff years.  The squad is very talented but it seems that it is lacking in character.  The European profile of the team might be the issue.  Don Cherry is infamous for not liking the European work ethic on the ice and the Capitals are showing us why his argument may hold water.  Europeans are flashier and more play oriented that their North American counterparts.  The team nature of the NHL game means that everyone needs to give it at the rink every night.  The Caps need to play as a team every night.  Period.  End of discussion.  Even if they don't win they won't get blown out.

Ovechkin should be the starting point for any serious discussion in Washington.  The guy has talent that is being under used this season.  He seems to have an ego.  Unfortunately so does his coach.  Hopefully the ego clash will not fester much longer.  If Boundreau can get Ovechkin back on track they might be able to resume their quest for the Cup.  If not; the NHL might be witnessing the start of the senseless implosion of a talented team looking for someone to blame.  Either way this time next year; we will be saying good bye to Ovechkin or Boudreau in Washington.  This kind of drama and flip flopping is not good or needed at the professional level.      

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