February 9, 2012

Check out Grant Robinson and his take on Gagner, Malkin, Kovalchuk, and more

Cant get enough NHL? Check out our writer Grant Robinson's podcast in which he discusses what is going on around the NHL! Click the link below!
This week’s episode of Going Deep is focused solely on the NHL. In the intro Grant comments on what has been going on around the league, and which players and teams are hot and cold. Grant has got some great insight that you have to check out. The 5 main subjects of the show are:

1) The record-breaking performance of Sam Gagner (Starts 16 minutes in)
2) Evgeni Malkin being the front-runner for the Hart trophy thus far (24)
3) Ilya Kovalchuk & how he has made the Devils the league’s hottest team (29)
4) Potential trade deadline targets: Grabovski & Nabokov (36)
5) The playoff chances/odds of the Habs & Leafs (45)

Hope you enjoyed the podcast, if you have any comments, suggestions, or topics you would like covered next week, feel free to leave a comment or tweet Grant @TheSportsGrind

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