October 18, 2011


The Habs racked up another loss tonight as the Sabres handed them a 3-1 defeat.  Lindy Ruff's crew is very well paid this year and it looks like the spending has paid off.  Ryan Miller was like a wall while leading the Sabres to victory.  This team is very disciplined and looks like a serious threat in the East.  New ownership has made spent big money in a commitment to a championship and it appears that it might be just around the corner. This kind of financial commitment to a small market team like Buffalo should put to shame the more popular teams like Montreal.

The Stars also came out the winning side of the ledger this evening.  They handily beat Columbus by 3-2.  Dallas has had hot goaltending this year and they are gaining strength in their division.  This team has a hard time filling seats at time but this could change with a solid win streak by the Stars.  The guys on the ice are making the fans forget about Brad Richards.  Looks like it could be a good year in Dallas.

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