October 13, 2011

Flyers Flying High on a 3 Game Win Streak

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania…the city of brotherly love…a city of sports…a city with dedicated fans; with the Phillies out of the playoffs and the NFL Eagles playing terrible, it was time for a boost for the city.

Last night was the home opener for the revamped Flyers squad. They played against the Stanley cup runner up- Vancouver Canucks.   This was the chance to show off all the new players to the EXTREME Philly fanatics!

Boy, did this Flyers squad not disappoint! There were moments of suspense filled through out this game. Dumb penalties taken after plays or the Sedins both scoring goals each to try and surpass the Flyers…and although both teams looked sluggish at times the final score ended up being 5-4 in favor of the Flyers. As posted earlier that this is a new squad to be led offensively by Claude Giroux;

Well he has stepped up and earned 3 points (1G, 2A), Captain Chris Pronger with 2 points (1G, 1A), James Van Riemsdyk with his first goal of the season, Jakub Voracek with his 2nd Goal of the season and Andrej Meszaros scoring the game winner in the 3rd period. Yet this Flyers squad only peppered Luongo with 27 shots with 5 goals against…

The Canucks were not to bad themselves but seem to not have shaken off the jitters of falling short to winning the Stanley Cup.

This home opener win was important for the Flyers Franchise, it not alone made it 3-0-0 for only the 11th time in franchise history, but this team is giving hope back to a sports city that loves its games and loves to be known as some of the most rabid fans out there!

By Justin Stephani

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