October 13, 2011

How the NHL Scheduling Left Sharks Fans Playing the Patience Game

October 6th, 2011 the start of the new NHL season…what a great day for a few teams. Boston loses to Philly, Reimer shuts out Montreal and Kris Letang's Samson like hair gets him the shoot out winner against the Canucks! What a fun day for watching hockey!

October 7th rolls around with 6 more games played and no action for the Sharks that day either…Oh wait October 8th  and the home/season opener for the San Jose Sharks is slated against the Phoenix Coyotes…finally!

What a game it was…and by game I mean the waiting game… 2 days into the season Sharks fans had to sit and be patient until their first game finally arrived. Patience was the key and it did pay off with a great 6-3 win over the Phoenix Coyotes. This first game was just a glimpse of what should be expected to come from the fantastic team put together by the coaches and management of the San Jose Sharks. The win was like a preview to an epic movie coming out in a few days, just leaving you wanting to see more!

After a street rally and a great home opener, I am left waiting 6 days just for their 2nd game of the season! At this point in time some NHL teams will have played their fourth or fifth games…and I say that’s ridiculous…the Sharks are very entertaining and I can not wait to see their talent shown this Friday in Anaheim and then again back home on Saturday (at least SJ fans get 2 in a row).

All this to say…I will patient, yet again…

-Justin Stefani

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