October 13, 2011

NHL Tonight - The Habs and Canucks Could be in for a Let Down

The Canadiens will be taking on the Flames tonight. Calgary is nowhere near Montreal in terms of talent; at least on paper. It is important for the Habs to take the Flames seriously and not get lunch bag let down.  The Montreal faithful are accustomed to the Habs letting the weaker teams get one up on them.  The Canadiens have serious injury problems right out of the gate so we think an upset could be possible here if the Flames come out swinging.  

Vancouver should have their hands full with the Red Wings tonight.  Roberto Luongo has been spotty so far this year.  He will have to be on his toes with the Wings.  Detroit never gives in and we think they will take this one from the Canucks and leave the Green Men of Vancouver green with envy.  The Sedins are scoring but it will not be enough if the Canucks are sloppy in the net.

We think the Avalanche will continue to play well tonight.  These boys are off to a strong start.  They beat Boston just a few days ago which has given them the ego boost to take on any team and win.  The Ottawa Senators will be easy picking and we think the Avalanche will get the 2 points; easily.

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