October 23, 2011


The Washington Capitals are looking more and more like potential Stanley Cup Champions.  These guys are now 7-0 and they have just come off a drubbing of the Detroit RedWings.   Before that they beat a strong Philadelphia Flyers squad by a s score of 5-2.  This is a historic start for Bruce Boudreau's team and they appear to be a freight train of success.

Bruce Boudreau is the general behind this team which he has been coaching for a number of years.  He has turned a team of snipers into the NHL's best squad.  In the past few years, they have had enormous success in the regular season but suffered serious setbacks in the post season.  The firepower from goal scoring was not enough in the post season and the Capitals succumbed to opponents because of poor defense and lack of back checking.   

This year it is different for the Capitals.   He has added a strong defense anchored by the likes of Dennis Wideman and his goalie tandem is amongst the best in the league. His snipers now back check and the goal of a Stanley Cup championship is within reach.
We want all our readers to get their Washington Capitals jerseys ready.  These guys are for real and you don't want to the last to get on the band wagon.

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