October 23, 2011


The Canucks have gotten off to a slow start this year after going 7 games with the Boston Bruins in last year's Stanley Cup final.  Luongo has been so-so and offensive production has been an issue.  On Saturday, the Canucks addressed the scoring issue by packaging some players to the Florida Panthers in order to get their hands on David Booth. On paper this looks like a good move by Canucks management and at the very least it will jar the other players awake and it should cause the Canucks to play better.

We think that Habs management should be taking lessons from the top guys in the Canucks front office.  The Habs are on the verge of a free fall and management seems unwilling to recognize any problems with the current team. The Habs lost on again on Saturday to the Toronto Maple Leafs by a score of 5-4.  This is the worst at home starting record for a Habs team in almost 70 years. The team is in complete shambles now and something drastic needs to be done. 

Anyone who watched the game could see the lack of discipline.  Some players weren't skating, Carey Price was wobbly again, and of course there were the penalties for too many men on the ice.  Too many men on the ice is a penalty for a bantam hockey team not an NHL powerhouse like Montreal.    These guys need to shake thing up.  The only way to do that is package off some of the guys and try to get some new chemistry going before it is too late.  This team is going nowhere fast.  They need to trade Price for some help on defense and maybe some sort of second line center.  This team is to small down the middle and the defense it to weak for any goalie.  Until they address these needs; the Habs will keep losing.

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