October 24, 2011


Looks like the Habs have bitten the bullet and they are letting Peter Budaj play in front of Carey Price tonight.  This is a timely and solid move in our opinion.  Price has playing very poorly this year and the team has lost confidence in their goalie. The need to get some direction on the Habs has reached a fever pitch.  Since the Habs cannot make big moves due to the salary cap this kind of change has to appease fans.  WE are not sure if the Habs will respond well to the change but one thing for sure , they cannot play any worse.

The 24X7 hockey spotlight in Montreal is too much for Price.  Hockey is a religion in Montreal and players need to have the discipline to focus and get the job done for the fans and for the team.  Unfortunately, Montreal is a vibrant city with many distractions and Price has fallen victim to those distractions in the past. He showed his willingness to "party" in Montreal a few years ago and was on the bench for a prolonged stretch while Jaroslav Halak led the team into the playoffs.  We think Price should sit for a while and Budaj should be given a proper chance to perform. Maybe Budaj will Halak2.0.  We will see after the final buzzer sounds this evening.   

We think they will beat the Panthers tonight but make no mistake it will not be the sign of a turnaround.  The Habs need to get behind Budaj tonight and start a new streak.  A winning streak.  They are capable.  if they fail to respond tonight and lose to the Panthers; the countdown to Jacques Martin's firing will start.     

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