December 13, 2010

Ovechkin Fights Dubinsky, Maybe Should Have Waited to Drop 'Em with Semin

Despite all the talk of Washington Capitals superstar Alexander Ovechkin dropping the gloves with New York Ranger Brandon Dubinsky on Sunday night during the Rangers' 7-0 win, not many are mentioning the fact that it was Ovechkin's teammate, Alexander Semin, that actually took him out of the game in the third period with a shot off the knee.

While he didn't return, it's safe to say that Ovechkin is doing alright, seeing as, as mentioned before, no one is talking about the supposed injury today, but how he instigated a fight with Dubinsky. With his team down 4-0 at the time, Ovechkin delivered an impressive hip check to defenseman Dan Girardi, before looking for more trouble, apparently to be found on Dubinsky's face with his fists.

It was a clear-cut attempt at trying to get his team going and of his frustrations boiling over, especially with the Caps hitting two posts immediately beforehand on a night when little to nothing was going their way. Further proof of that came during the fight, when Ovechkin got taken down by a player he clearly had the initial upper hand on.

The Caps have now lost six in a row, the first time they have struggled this badly under head-coach Bruce Boudreau. Sadly, the promise of President Barack Obama to show up to a Caps game eventually now cannot be interpreted so much as a sign of hockey's increasing popularity in the ciry, but a gesture of goodwill, to help bail out another group of millionaires in these times of uncertainty, deflect attention off them and their underachieving ways if only for one night. As for Ovechkin, he could most certainly borrow the secret service to protect him from Semin from here on out. He's a killer, you know.

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