December 13, 2010

Poetic Justice Served as Ryan Scores Using Koivu's Stick

After Anaheim Duck Bobby Ryan scored on Sunday night, chances are good that he was holding up his stick in the air specifically for Minnesota Wild captain Mikko Koivu to see. He was likely trying to emphasize the fact that even though Koivu had stolen his stick earlier in the play, he had found one alright on his way to putting the game out of reach en route to a 6-2 Ducks victory.

The one good thing about this whole embarrassing incident for Koivu? He had the benefit of not committing such a blatantly illegal act in front of his older brother, Saku, who plays for the Ducks and was scratched due to the flu. Of course, the elder Koivu may have actually gotten sicker watching his younger brother behave as he did later on on SportsCenter. Way to go Mikko... weren't you taught that stealing is wrong growing up? I don't know how they do things in Finland, where customs may vary from our own, but, here, in North America, if we're going to render an opponent useless, we at least have the decency to do so the good old-fashioned way, by laying them out with a shot to the head. Then the stick is fair game. It's not like they'll be using it then.

Live and learn Mikko. Live and learn. Maybe next time, you can actually follow some of your brother's life lessons, you know, at least the ones after the nasty getting-injured-all-the-time and becoming-insanely- loyal-to-one-franchise-the-length-of-your-career-just-so-it-and-its-fanbase-can-turn-their-backs-on-you-in-the-hopes-that-career-underachiever-Alexei-Kovalev-is-signed instead bits.


  1. Oh, this makes me so happy.

    All that "respect" talk after Omark's goal? Stealing a player's stick out of his hands? Disrespectful. Taunting the thief after scoring a goal with HIS stick? Fucking priceless. Until he scores a Cup-winner, that might be Bobby Ryan's favorite goal. It would be mine.

  2. I think the spin-o-rama he did last year must rank pretty high, but I'm sure he ain't feeling to bad today, that's for sure. Different story for Koivu, though... lol.