December 22, 2011

An educated Blackhawks fan’s guide to chirping the opposing team.

Let’s be honest if you walked into an arena in the opposing team’s sweater you are going to get harassed. Which for the most part is fine, you deserve it because you decided to put your team ahead of your feelings and in some cases your safety.[1]  In many cases they are educated and have great hockey sense especially if they are wearing the colors of an original six team or in most cases a team from Canada. After an incident I saw last night, I think some people need a refresher on who, what and when its ok to make fun of other fans or teams.
1.       If you are drunk, automatically you sound like you have suffered major head trauma and your argument has not one shred of credibility.

2.       Don’t chirp the defending champion during the regular season, no matter what your opinion is, for at least one year they have the brass ring.

3.       If you are under 25, wearing a green Patrick Kane jersey with a flat billed hat keep your mouth shut. Especially if you are talking to a 60 year old Canadiens fan. They have seen between 10-15 Stanley Cups you have seen 1. They are the second most storied franchise in sports. Your team was almost driven into the ground by an owner reminiscent of Ebenezer Scrooge. Respect your elders Jerkface!

4.       Never start an argument with “If I was on the ice”

5.       Never start an argument with (our fighter) can kick (Your fighter’s) ass.

6.       Never refer to an opposing player that is out with an injury as a wuss or worse, unless that player has a history of faking.

7.       For Chicago Fans…Don’t yell “Detroit Sucks” when Detroit is not even in the building.

So I hope this guide can be a map for becoming a better fan, there is nothing wrong with going crazy, and making fun of the opposing team. But please at least sound educated when you do it, because if you don’t, it just makes you and your fanbase look ignorant. Also for God Sakes, stop yelling “Shoot!” when your team is on the Powerplay!

Happy Holidays/Joyeuses Fêtes
Joe DeTolve

[1] Under no circumstance should you engage an opposing fan physically unless they spill your 10 dollar beer or harass your girlfriend/wife

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