February 2, 2012

Mike Cammalleri bombed in Montreal and is now doing the same in Calgary

The NHL is for pros.  Pros who perform.  Clutch performers like Giroux, Kesler, and Toews thrill fans on a nightly basis.  These guys are team players and team leaders.  The fans love these players because they respect the game and the opportunity they have been given.  The NHL is the premier hockey league in the world and playing in the NHL is a privilege.

Unfortunately, not every NHLer understands that being an NHLer is something special.  Of course every fan is familiar with the growing histrionics from Alexander Ovechkin in Washington.

Ovechekin's BS has tainted the entire Capitals' team and made a group which looked like potential champions into a B team of wannabe. Only one player in the NHL comes to mind as being more self centered than the Russian "rocket".   Mike Cammalleri is head and shoulders above all others as the player who is most destructive to his team. Mike Cammalleri is the poster boy for complaining in the NHL. Despite the fact that he was unable to perform for the Habs in 2011-2012; "Magic" Mike somehow felt he had the right to call out his teammates in Montreal as losers.  The Habs were only too happy to dispatch him to the Flames.  That kind of poison around an NHL team is very destructive.  Since Cammalleri's departure the Habs have been substantially better on the ice.

On the other hand, Cammalleri has been no gift to the Flames.  He is puttering along on fumes and his +/- is in the toilet.  As you can see below, he still likes to talk to the press; albeit in a more tame manner.

Well, well, well....hmmmmm......So it seems now that the problem was not with the Habs but with the "Magic" man himself.  Hopefully, Mr. Cammalleri will do some growing and assume some responsibility.  If he ever wants to be a leader in the NHL; he will have to smarten up.  A smart, more quiet, harder working Mike Cammalleri would be good for him and the Flames organization. Fans don't like big mouths.  Fans love performance and results.

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