January 28, 2012

Alexander Ovechkin from Show Boat to No-Show

The NHL All-Star game is a go tonight without the crown prince of show boating.  Of course I am referring to Alexander Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals.  Looks like Ovie who was suspended for three games by the NHL has taken his circus to South Beach. It seems the sun and fun in Miami is a good place to heal your wounds and faltering ego.

We got to give to the man (or boy).  He knows how to squeeze the press and it appears that although all the big boys in the NHL are in Ottawa; Ovie  has managed to snag some face time while dipping his toes in the Atlantic.  Real fans don't seem to give a flying you know what and the show marches on without him.

We will all miss his flash and panache but rest assured someone else will step and reach for Ovie's crown.  This was a bad PR move by the Russian rocket and it will cost him in the end. I hope he gets a comfy seat and he watches the whole game with a pina colada in his hand.  He is going to need it once he realizes he has made an ass of himself and cost himself some big dollars in the process.

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