February 2, 2012

GetRealHockey wants a Maple Leafs Blogger

As our readers know, we are getting ready to launch GetRealHockey.com.  This site will feature the best NHL experiences in the business and one of our biggest sales markets will be Toronto.  Hockey fans in Toronto love the Maple Leafs and the NHL.

GetRealHockey wants to make sure that the Maple Leafs are well represented when we re-launch GetRealHockey.com. We are looking for a Maple Leafs blogger to join the team @ GetRealHockey.com.  If you check out this link you will see we have big plans for the site.  If you are a blogger and you love the Leafs this could be a great opportunity.

The Maple Leafs are the face of Canada.  Leaf fans thrive in the harshest of circumstances.  The Buds had real issues making the playoffs in the past but the 2011 -2012 edition of the Leafs looks ready leave their mark in this spring's race to Lord Stanley's Cup.  Players like Dion Phaneuf have helped the Leafs turn the corner.

We want to hear you take on the Maple Leafs and if you are a blogger we will publish your stories.  Please email us @ getrealhockey@gmail.com for more information. 

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