February 1, 2012

GetRealHockey wants to speak to all Boston Bruins Fans

Do you love the Boston Bruins ?

Are you crazy about the Boston Bruins ?

We think the Boston Bruins are insanely good.

We think the Boston Bruins have what it takes to be a dynasty.

In fact GetRealHockey is so crazy about the Boston Bruins that we are going to put our money where our mouth is.

GetRealHockey is putting together our first NHL experience and this event will be focused on the Bruins from the past and the Bruins of today.

This event will be exclusive and it will be offered to GetRealhockey readers on a first come first serve basis.

GetRealHockey will be the home of the best NHL experiences and this first NHL experience with the Boston Bruins will be kick-ass.

The announcement about the date and time will coincide with the launch of the new GetRealHockey.com website.

Mark this post on our blog and make sure you keep checking for the GetRealHockey.com website launch.



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