December 23, 2011

The Boston Bruins are Insanely Good - Pay Attention NHL

Xmas is upon us and the Boston Bruins have handed their fans an early gift with an 8-0 victory over the Florida Panthers.  The team is a juggernaut and they look ready to crush anyone in the league. The Bruins are scary, big, fast and skilled.  They are the definition of team and the epitome of success in professional sport.  Their slow start in this new NHL season is old history and Boston looks ready to take top spot in the entire league. The scoring is nuts for this year's edition of the Bruins.  Their plus/minus is crazy.  The goal tending is from another planet. They look stronger than they did when they bruised their way to a Stanley Cup championship in 2010-2011.  The chances for a repeat in the "new" NHL are slim because of free agency and the lure of big money.  These guys look set to be the exception.

Boston is a town for winners.  The Patriots, the Celtics, the Red Sox and the Bruins inspire rabid loyalty from their fans.  The Bruins have taken that loyalty and fed on it and become the premier team in the NHL.  They blew through the NHL last year like a hot knife through butter and it looks like 2011-2012 will be an instant reply.  Seguin, Marchand, Thomas, Chara, Horton, and Lucic are just too good to not be a dynasty.  This team is insanely good.  Everyone in Boston should be proud and GMs in every other city should be paying attention.  The NHL needs more teams like the Bruins.  Their commitment to the fans is shows up on the ice every night.  To hell with parity.  All teams should be excellent like the Bruins.  Wow that would be a cool thing for the world's best sport.  Hope someone pays attention (Wink !! Wink !! Habs, Flames, Islanders).

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