January 27, 2012

Logan Couture - Great guys do finish last

The NHL is a very unforgiving league.  Fans cheer and then they forget.  Managers go to bat for you and then they let you sink.  Scott Gomez , Jose Theodore, and Michael Ryder all know what I am talking about.  NHLers are always being singled out by the media, their employers and their fans.  Rejection and derision make you stronger in the NHL and if you survive, you can earn the fat pay checks that confirm you as a star. 

There is a new twist on rejection in the NHL and the "worse" of the best seem destined to endure it for the foreseeable future. The crack marketing team at the NHL has decided in their wisdom to do away with traditional splits for the All-Star clash and now they now let team captain pick teams. Yes indeed, a child's game which is played by men is now being triaged in a big-boy version of the traditional back yard pick-see strategy.

This new All-Star madness was spotlighted at last year's game when Phil Kessel was picked last for 2011 version of the game.  The media ate it up and Kessel lived with that tag all season.  He was only able to shake it off this year when he came out of the gate screaming and led the NHL in scoring.

Logan Couture of the San Jose Sharks was the unfortunate soul who was picked last in this year's edition of the All-Star game.  Don't feel too bad for young Logan. If recent history is any indication Couture should have a hell of a season in 2013-2014.

I guess this is the one occasion where it is good or even excellent to come in last.  I will be watching this year's All-Star game to see Logan Couture in action.  I think anyone reading this should also pencil in the young man as a pick for their fantasy team for the 2013-2014 edition of the NHL season.

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