January 29, 2012

The Habs Are Looking for a Turn Around Post All-Star Game

The roller coaster Canadiens have been one of the top NHL stories so far this season.  They have suffered key defeats to the likes of the Columbus Blue Jackets and struggled against historical rivals like the Boston Bruins.  On top of that the Habs have had to deal with language issues in a Province which seems to put politics ahead of everything and everyone.

Despite all the issues, it appears that turnaround is underway in Montreal. We saw signs of a turnaround for the Habs on New Year's day 2012 with the signing of Josh Georges. This signaled to us a commitment by the Habs to the rebuilding process.

Josh Georges tucked the big contract under his arm and stepped into the role of a leader and the expected results are starting to shine thru.

The turnaround with the Habs continued when they got rid of "magic" Mike Cammalleri. This guy was supposed to be a leader in Montreal but when times got tough he turned to the media to bad mouth the organization and his team mates. The tiny Tasmanian devil has made his way to Calgary and we wish him the best.  Karma is a "bitch" and once "magic" Mike figures that out he will be riding the bench again in Cow Town.  

We think that the Habs will rebound faster than expected.  There is no time to waste for Canadiens management but the rebuilding process seems well underway for the time being.  It is an exciting time to be a Habs fan. Some good drafting and some solid trades should keep the NHL buzzing about Montreal for the next 3-5 years.

The Habs showed this promise by clobbering the Red Wings last week by a score of 7-2.  It might be a one off for 2012 but it is a message to the rest of the NHL that Montreal is not a push over anymore.  The team has got its spunk back and if you clash with the Habs you are going to have to put up a hell of a fight to win.

We need a blogger to cover the Canadiens for us as soon as possible. If you are a big Habs fan and you want to blog for the new GetRealHockey.com please email us @ getrealhockey@gmail.com.

Georges, Subban and Price will be the core of the team and you as blogger will bring all the latest Habs' news to the Montreal faithful on a game by game basis.

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