January 1, 2012

The Signing of Josh Georges - Sign of a Turnaround for the Habs

The Habs laid down the big dollars today and signed Josh Georges to a 6 year extension for $3.9 million per year.  This signing was the first piece of good news for Habs' fans in 2012.  Hopefully it won't be the last.

Seriously though, it is nice to see the Habs making some smart moves.  The same GM who re-signed Markov and traded for Gomez seems to have taken a smart pill on New Year's eve and he finally did something good for the team and not bad, as per usual. Signing Georges is a commitment to youth and to rebuilding.

The Canadiens will have to get Subban  and Price under contract in order to give Montrealers something to cheer about.  Rebuilding is still the name of the game in Montreal but at least those three signings would shorten the recovery period.  Hockey is a way of life in Montreal and we expect that the Molson family will relent this summer and bring in some new hockey people into the front office.  Signing like Markov and trades for guys like Gomez have to be part of the past.  The Habs need good drafting and they aren't going to get it from the guys running the ship right now. look at the team running the Canucks and the Bruins.  The front office of these organizations should be replicated in Montreal.

The Habs can and will rebound.  It is a matter of when not if.  The only question is will they act decisively enough to fast track the process.  If the owners of the Habs truly respected the fans and put a solid product on the ice; Montreal fans and players  would respond and make Montreal a Stanley Cup champion again.

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