December 23, 2011

Are the Habs the Washington Generals of the NHL ?

Everyone who has been lucky enough to see the Harlem Globetrotters play has also seen the Washington Generals in action.  The Washington Generals are the hapless nitwits who chase the Globetrotters around all night but ultimately they always lose.  The Generals may pull ahead in any one game but they always trip, fall, and crash to the much better Globetrotters.  None of the guys on the Generals ever dreamed they would someday be part of a basketball team that is always slated to lose but every night they go out and get their heads kicked in for money.  They draw their salaries , do their best and move on to the next game.    

This pattern which is well known to the Generals is becoming way too familiar to the Montreal Canadiens.  This once proud franchise has been humbled by mismanagement and the players are starting to show the mental fatigue of getting their collective rear ends handed to them on a regular basis.  Blowouts are becoming very common for the Habs. The Habs have slid into a trap of mediocrity and they seem unable to shake the hex.  The youngsters on the team are listless and talented players like Price and Subban are looking average at best. 

If you ask me they look and feel like the Generals.  The Blackhawks made them look stupid recently and games against the Jets and others were not much better. The owners of the Habs need to move and right the ship. Montreal fans deserve better.  Poor management can push a franchise to the brink.  Just ask the Maple Leafs. They dropped out of sight after their last Cup victory in 1967.  It can take a while for a winning spirit to come back once rot has set in.  This team needs to be turned around now or Habs fans will be in store for years of Washington Generals style hockey. This year is a write off.  The habs need to get in there and make some trades in the New Year.  Get what you can for whatever you have that has worth.  Sometime it is hard to bite the bullet but we are afraid that Molson has to get chewing.  Time to rebuild.  The quicker you face the music the quicker Montreal will bounce back.

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