November 26, 2011

Habs Set To Clash with Sid the Kid - Expect a Classic

The Montreal Canadiens have been on the proverbial see saw since the start of this NHL season.  In recent weeks they have seen a heartbreaking loss to the Bruins, a blow up to the Flyers and they scored a couple shut outs (against the Rangers and Canes) led by Carey Price.  It won't get any easier for the Canadiens.  Every victory has to be earned.  The team has a huge hole on defense and this is at the forefront every time that Montreal hits the ice.

The beat goes on for the poor Habs tonight.  They are up against the Pittsburgh Penguins and the crown prince of hockey; Sidney Crosby.  Playing Pittsburgh is an uphill battle on the best of nights but this game could be very special.  Sidney Crosby made his comeback last week and this is without the biggest game on the biggest stage since his return.  Hockey crazy Montreal will be all over Crosby and he will probably respond with a stellar performance.  The "Kid" is the king of clutch and if history is any indication we should see him jump all over the Habs and their shaky defense.  The pressure is not like it was for Crosby's gold medal game at the Olympics but it might as well be for the Penguins captain.  He is the center of the hockey universe right now and he would not have it any other way.
Ever since his return, Crosby has been under the microscope.  Last night, Sid the Kid loaded up on assists as the Penguins blew past the Ottawa Senators by a score of 6-3. The Habs will have trouble containing this talent laden group.  Sid, Malkin, Staal, Dupuis, ect, ect......It is going to a scary night for the Habs faithful but a great night for hard core hockey fans.  Sid the Kid is Back and ready for the highlight reel (Again !!!!).

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