November 13, 2011


The Habs and Bruins have not been our favourite teams this year.  These clubs slumped badly out of the gate and they have both underperformed in September and October. The last week has seen a turnaround for both.  It is nice to see that both these teams are playing much better.  Their fans deserve good hockey and we think they are going to get it ; at least for the next little while.   

Momentum is a pain when it is pitted against you but in the case of the  Habs and Bruins, the momo is behind them now and they need to take full advantage of the potential upswing.

The Habs came out on top of a close one with Nashville on Saturday by a score of 2-1.  It was nice to see that Montreal could win without Carey Price in the net.  Peter Budaj shut down the Predators when it was needed and the victory was a huge moral boost for the Canadiens.  Subban played a good game and his leadership on the D was a good sign for the team.   Montreal has just beaten two tough and scrappy teams with their recent victories over the Coyotes and Predators.  This might signal a change for Montreal for this season.   Winning the tough games is a sign of character and god knows the Habs need a character boost.  They are not the glamour team of the past but with character they can expect to compete on a nightly basis.

Boston has also won some key match ups in the last couple of weeks. They demolished Toronto and Buffalo in recent clashes and the offense from last year has come roaring to life.  It looks like the good example of guys like Tyler Seguin has woken up his team mates.  The east better be careful; if Boston stays in this fighting form many opponents will be sent home with their tails between their legs.  We will be watching the Bs closely.  The killer instinct seems to have returned to Boston so watch out NHL.

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