November 13, 2011


We are working very hard on getting Get Real humming.We want to make the number one destination for hockey info and insight on the web.  We have a team of dedicated writers and we are looking to add writers and content as we look forward to expansion. The writing team is aggressive and forward thinking.  If you want to get your material in front of a large audience, you should consider joining our squad.
You can start you research by checking out our links @   (@getrealhockey - On Twitter)  (@getrealhammered - On Twitter)

http://twitergameoftheweek. com/  (@tgweek - On Twitter)

It is all about branding @ Get Real.  We are submitting the Get Real theme song to Itunes.  If you turn up your speakers and click this link you will hear the song.

The Facebook page is also humming.  Make sure you like it.

We are also working on a public face for Get Real.  We are looking for someone like Cabbie.

If you know someone like Cabbie; please let us know.

We reach 29,000 people through social media so the platform is growing.  If you want to blog for us; please email us @

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