October 10, 2011


The NHL season opener in Winnipeg last night saw the Jets fall to the Habs in a 5-1 verdict which was unusually lopsided.  The young team was overwhelmed by the pressure of the homecoming for the Jets and they crashed and burned in their attempt to impress.

The Jets have a ton of expectations riding on their collective shoulders.  The team which is headed by Andrew Ladd is playing in a hockey strong hold which has seen the likes of Bobby Hull patrol the ice.  The fans in Winnipeg saw the Jets (then in the WHA) come from nowhere and become champs in short order.  In fact the Jets were always a threat to take the top prize while they were in the WHA.  The WHA squad was aggressive and innovative and they laid the foundation for the Jets original entry into the NHL.

The first edition of the Jets in the NHL had stars like Morris Lukowich and Dale Hawerchuk.  They were always competitive but the small market pay days and the CDN dollar valuation (at the time) led to the team moving to the US.  This was a sad occurrence for all Jets fans and this would only be rectified this past summer with the Atlanta Thrashers coming back to Winnipeg as the Jets 2.0.

So now the fun really begins.  Evander Kane, Andrew Ladd, and Dustin Byfuglien will have to step it up and make sure that the new edition of the Jets will have a decent year.  The team is capable and the thrashing at the hands of the Habs should be a one off if the team plays up to their potential. Winnipeg is a hockey town.  Just ask hockey legends from the Peg like Randy Carlyle.  The city deserves a team and we wish them the best.  The new squad needs to always remember the hockey tradition from the Jets and the Peg but play a fun and focused game; up to their abilities.     

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