October 10, 2011


The new NHL season is under way and fans on both sides of the border are cheering on their favourite squads.  The band wagons are not in effect as of yet so it is a good time to try and guess who might surprise and who might disappoint. Think of it kind of like band wagon 101.

The obvious favourite this year are the Bruins.  The bad boys from Bean Town crushed their way through last year's final and took home the top prize.  Boston which had seen many up and down seasons is now the humpty dumpty of the NHL.  These guys have become the love to hate team but thankfully so for Bruins fans that won't last too long.  We suspect the Bruins will stumble this year and they will be playing gold by the time the Cup final rolls around.  The grit and attitude from the Bruins last year will be matched by teams like Philly and Washington.  Chara is the reigning bully of the NHL but the new emphasis on hitting by the NHL will limit is effectiveness.  Hab fans remember how Max Pacioretty was sent to the hospital last year in the playoffs.  This kind of stuff is a no-no in this year's version of the NHL season and post season. So bye-bye Bruins !!

The Capitals are our favourite for the finals.  They may have serious competition from Pittsburgh and Vancouver but they are seasoned and now is their time to shine.  The young snipers who play for Boudreau will be led by number 8 and we should see Washington bounce everyone out in the race to the Cup.  Now is the time for true hockey fans to get a deal on Cap jerseys.  They may be hard to find at a good price when these guys knock heads on their way to a Stanley Cup Championship.

One of our spec teams this year is LA.  The Kings have been building steam for a couple of years now and they could come out of the West Coast in 2011-2012 and give some of their east Coast counterparts a run for their money.  They are solid on the D and these guys know how to find the back of the net.  This young team might not be Champions this year but they are one to watch both long and short term.  They will bring skill to the ice and leave some of their opponents skating in circles. LA's bandwagon will grow in time.  You wait and see.   

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