October 1, 2011

P.K. Subban , Evander Kane, and Wayne Simmonds - The new breed of superstar

The NHL is full of superstars.  The TV spotlights them, writers relate their stories and youngsters across the world want to be them. Hockey is a beautiful game.  It crosses borders, countries and yes even color....well at least borders and countries.  It looks like we have still have some work to do to bring down the color barrier in the NHL; for some fans.

Everyone shuddered when Chris Moorehouse threw a banana  at Wayne Simmonds in an exhibition game; last week.  The obvious reference to Simmonds' skin colour made the incident into national and international news.  The dumb bell obviously didn't realize that skill is what defines a hockey player; not skin color. Black hockey players are nothing new for real hockey fans.  There have been many firsts for black hockey players in the NHL.

Jerome Iginla was the first black captain in the NHL.  Under his leadership , the Calgary Flames went to the Stanley Cup final in 2004.  Iginla has very soft hands and he has been a scoring machine and is now the resident hockey god in Cow Town.

Tony McKegney was the first black "impact" hockey player in the NHL. McKegney was a cornerstone for the Buffalo Sabres for many seasons.  He was a solid two way player who netted 40 goals in  his best year.

Grant Fuhr is best known as the anchor for the Oiler teams made famous by Wayne Gretzky and company.  Fuhr stood between the pipes and guarded the paint as Edmonton hosted an Oilers dynasty which won numerous Cups.

I was discussing the whole Moorehouse situation with a friend this week and he told me that malice should not be confused with stupidity.  In that spirit I suggest that it might serve Mr.Moorehouse well to hit Google and educate himself.  Black hockey players are common on both sides of the border. Some of the best players in the NHL are black.   

Guys like P.K. Subban, Evander Kane, and Wayne Simmonds are just some of these black superstars.  These guys are super skilled hockey players and deserve the respect of everyone including racist idiots like Moorehouse.  Hopefully we will continue to see more skilled black players in the ranks of the NHL.  Equally so; hopefully we will see less of fans like Mr.Moorehouse.

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  1. Moorehouse can and will vindicate himself by throwing banana peels at Devon Setoguchi, Jordin Tootoo, Daniel Sedin.