October 1, 2011

NHL 2011-2012 - Don Cherry and the other talking heads will be buzzing

The new hockey season is going to have the commentators jabbering for sure.  The Habs are sucking in pre season, the Leafs have gambled everything on their goalie, and young teams like the Kings and Oilers look set to surprise. Stalwarts like Dallas and Detroit look strong again and Chicago is working hard to get back on top.   

The King of hockey coverage is without a doubt ; Don Cherry.  His rants about Europeans have made a legend out of him and his love of all things Leafs and Bruins make him the target of derision throughout the rest of the NHL.   Cherry should be on his horse this year pushing a repeat by the Bruins and some sort of second coming from the Leafs.

Unfortunately for NHL fans most of the hockey coverage comes from Toronto. The talking heads which come out of Toronto are predictable Maple Leaf cheerleaders and this year should be no exception.  With their new boy in nets; the Leaf faithful have the next whipping boy lined up for the eventual slid into the basement.   

Real hockey lovers and commentators will be focused on the arrival of the Jets into Winnipeg.  A good showing by these boys in the frozen north could lead to other teams relocating to Canada. This Jet squad is young , aggressive and well coached. A strong showing should be a given.

Of course, the NHL will be keeping an eye on fighting by the tough guys.  The tragedies in the off season have put the focus on why so many enforcers died off the ice.  Is there a problem ?  What might it be ? For the sake of hockey we hope they find out before someone else has to die.

All in 2011-2012 will be a heck of season in the NHL. Lock and load boys and girls and enjoy.   

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