May 10, 2011


The Red Wings have character on top of character.  These guys have showed the NHL that you can step back from the abyss and battle back in a super high pressure series.  This is nuts !!!  Detroit has come all the way back to show the Sharks that character and experience can spank youth and moxie , every time !!!

We were expecting San Jose to finish off the Wings but the tide is now in favour of the boys from Motor City, USA.  Jimmy Howard has been the difference in this series and clutch scoring by the Wings has been sending Vegas bookies running for cover.  The series is now tied and the outcome is uncertain.  At this point it will be hard for a young team like the Sharks to put this tail spin behind them.  We were expecting a San Jose/Vancouver matchup but we are now leaning towards Detroit.  The winner of this series will be no match up for Vancouver once the next round begins.  These guys are leaving their hearts out on the ice and once they run into hurricane Kesler, it will be game over.   
Vancouver's high scoring team will come to life at one point and the opposition will be left with their jaws dropping.  The Canucks have seen the dark side of a meltdown and lived to move on.  The wins against Chicago and Nashville were hard earned and we think that Detroit or San Jose will not be up to the task.   In the first two rounds , the Canucks were the Ryan Kesler show and we expect that his play and others will  eventually lead Vancouver into the final.   The hustle from Higgins, Kesler, and Lapierre will rub off on the big shooters on the Canucks, eventually.  The next round will be dynamite for the West Coast boys.   The Cup race is going to move from OT games, to blow outs, and now to classics.  The hockey is only going to get better guys so hold on.     

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