May 10, 2011


The Bruins and Lightning sailed through their last rounds by crushing the Flyers and Capitals, respectively.  There was no real competition in those matchups and both teams have been sitting on the sidelines and watching the battles out West.  Vancouver has finally gotten through and god only knows if we will see the Red Wings or Sharks emerge in the other series.
Vancouver's ability to rebound is going to give them the "scars " to move ahead to the next round and eventually become Cup champs.  We appreciate the character showed by Detroit and if they move ahead, they will be too tired to battle the rested Canucks.  In a battle of Europeans, the Canucks will win out with the Sedins and any shootout with Detroit will also favour Vancouver.  Jimmy Howard is good but Roberto Luongo is gold.   

If San Jose somehow sneaks by, they will get crushed by Vancouver.  The Canucks are way ahead of San Jose on the "clutch" scale.  The Sharks will also be like Detroit; way to tired !!!  
If I am coaching the contenders out East; I would be worried.  All the squads out West have fought incredible head to head series and this should give them the killer instinct to go all the way.  The battle hardened West should produce the Canucks as champs for a faceoff against Boston or Tampa.  Our gang likes Boston in the East and we will we be watching breathlessly if they end up confronting the Canucks.
This has been a great Stanley Cup series so far and it will only get better.  Time to buckle up gang, more action is coming down to the pike !!!

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