May 11, 2011

The Hockey World is Still Buzzing about the Red Wings - Blood in the Water

It is not very often that Sharks get hunted but that is exactly what is happening in the 2011 Stanley Cup race. The unlikely story of the Sharks and Red Wings series is playing out to the bitter end.  The boys from Hockey Town USA are feeling pretty good about themselves after coming back from a 3-0 deficit and knotting the series @ 3 games each.  The strange thing here is that San Jose led the last two games and lost their wheels near the end.  The young guys on the Sharks like Couture and Thornton  are fighting and diving instead of producing.  Pros on the Red Wings like Pavel Datsyuk are coming up big when it counts.  The blood is in the water and the Sharks have been reduced to fish bait. The tide is in Detroit's favour and San Jose is going to need a miracle to stop from being washed away by the big red menace !!!

This matchup has been a hockey classic.  It shows that guts and determination can overcome anything when the Stanley Cup is on the line.  It is too easy to search the internet and find pictures of Joe Thornton diving like a swan when playing the Wings.  The Sharks need to wake up and at least put a fight or win in the seventh game.   No matter what happens, the Wings of 2011 will be remembered for their character and the Sharks will be remembered for the team that stumbled in the clutch.  We like Detroit in this deciding game but whoever wins will have their hands full with Vancouver.  Stay tuned gang , lots of good hockey on the way!!!  

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