April 21, 2011


The unexpected is happening again !!!  Looks like the Cinderella special has kissed the Blackhawks on the lips again.  They have busted out and jumped ahead of the Canucks by 3-0 in the first period of game number 5.   These guys want it more than the Canucks and it is showing.  Vancouver will have to pick up the pace here before this game melts away like snow.  Luongo is a premier goalie and it is time he acts the part.  His teammates are asleep at the switch and he is going to hold the fort till Alain Vigneault wakes up his troops.

The Hawks are a tough team and more than half of their crew knows the taste of victory.  The Canucks have to remember that Chicago did not win the Cup last year by accident.  They can pull it out in the clutch and this game is clutch with a BIG C for the Hawks.  The goaltending for Chicago is super hot right now and the Sedins need to score a few in Vancouver doesn't want to become a footnote in history.  The regular season counts for zip in April.  Chicago was kissed by Cinderella last year and if Vancouver doesn't wake up , it might just happen again in 2011 !!
Chicago is too good to count out.   Crawford is on fire and if the Blackhawks keep blasting away like they have it the last 4 periods; the Canucks could find themselves playing golf.

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