April 21, 2011

The Bruins Steal One at the Bell Center and Head Back to Boston

It looks like lady luck kicked the Bruins in the backside and they managed to pull one out on the Habs in front of a sell out crowd.  The OT victory tonight has tied up the series at 2-2.  Chara was a complete mess and the Bruins were running all over the place in the first period.  Unfortunately for the Habs, a hockey game is not 20 minutes long.   The defence on this one was in la la land for Montreal and the Habs had to rely on Carey Price's ability to pull rabbits out of his hat to make sure they were even close by the end of the 3rd period.
Give credit to the Bees for gutsy play.  They fed off each other and gave the Habs defence some serious fits.  The boys on the blue line for Montreal were awful across the board.    Carey Price couldn't do it alone.  The crazy thing here is that some fans will blame poor Price.  He is trying to live down the Halak legend from last year and if he can only drag Montreal past Boston; the Habs could go far into the post season.  Price has been a star so far but he is showing signs of cracking under pressure.  He needs help from Subban and company !!!

Hopefully, the next game will be as intense as game four.  Both teams have been losers at home so it will be interesting to see where the chips land.  Ryder and Bergeron are the leaders for Boston and Price and Gionta are the ones to watch for Montreal.   This has been a heck of a series.  See you in Boston for Game 5 !!!

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