April 30, 2011


As predicted Roberto Luongo keeps playing tight like a drum and the Canucks are taking the Predators to school.  The Sedin brothers are non-existent tonight but guys like Kesler and Higgins are giving Nashville fits.  The "Blackhawks" scare has brought this Canucks team together and now anything seems possible.  Alain Vigneault has been forced to go with character  over flash and the Canucks are playing like champs.  The Predators are the epitome of team play and they still have not been able to break the spell from this team of destiny.

Nashville has been trying everything to shake up the formula with no success.  Tootoo and "Mr.Underwood" are doing what they can but the deck seems stacked against the Predators.   Legwand and Sullivan are also having zero luck against the Canucks and the Vancouver freight train shows no sign of slowing down.  If the defence or goaltending cracks for the Preds; this could become ugly.  Luongo has held opponents scoreless for five periods now and he gets stronger minute by minute.   This game is steady and boring but hell if Vancouver comes out on top, who cares !!!  This is going to be short and sweet business if Nashville goes home down 2-0. Nashville is not Chicago

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