April 30, 2011


The Black and Gold tidal wave which swept aside the Canadiens slammed into the Flyers in the first game of their post season series.  The Bees are on fire and the Flyers were just thumped 7-3.  Boston's attack made the Flyers look stupid.  The Flyer goalie merry go round was spinning on high when Brian Boucher was blown apart and his replacement could no better.  Horton, Campbell and Marchand are leading a team that is making a credible case for a run to the end.  It will be interesting to see if Philadelphia can wake up.  Today they looked tired.  Briere and the boys could be hitting the gold links if they don't wake up.  The Bruins can match the Flyers on size and firepower.  This could be ugly if there isn't a 360% turn by Philly. 

The Canucks and Preds should put on a good show for those of you who are going to tune in tonight.  Both these teams are very well balanced and a blow out is unlikely.  Luongo has tightened up his game and the Canucks are going to be tough to beat.  The crew from out West is carrying the hopes of a nation on their shoulders.  These guys have stared elimination in the face (vs the Blackhawks) which makes them game ready for just about anything the Predators can dish out.  Nashville is going to need some big plays tonight to shake up their opponent.  I don't think guys like Kessler, Higgins and Lapierre are going to let that happen.   If the Sedins come to life, it could make life very hard for Barry Trotz's men.  The Canucks look like a team of destiny and destiny should turn into a hand grenade for Nashville.

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