December 14, 2010

Just One of Jonathan Quick's 51 Saves Against the Red Wings, but the Best of Them All

You read that right. On Monday night, Los Angeles Kings goalie Jonathan Quick not only shut out the Detroit Red Wings, but he did so in making 51 saves, a new career-high. One has to think that this game amounts to his, pun very much intended, crowning achievement as a number-one goalie in the NHL. He not only posted 51 saves, but he did so against the Red Wings, which is like soon-to-be King David (again, the "King" very much written on purpose) defeating Goliath not with a slingshot, but with his glove. And, I gotta tell you, it's very hard to beat someone to death with a glove instead of a rock... or so I've heard. Kudos to Quick, who now ranks second only to the oddity that is Boston Bruin Tim Thomas in goals-against average (1.51 to 1.83). His 15 wins (third in the league) and .933 save percentage (fourth) aren't too bad either.

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